Create a family tree for your uni

Welcomed some new girls into your unit recently? Why not celebrate by creating your very own guiding family tree?

imply print off your own A3 tree poster using this template, and ask the girls to add their own fingerprints as ‘leaves’ and write their names beside them.

Girlguiding Scotland volunteer Jackie Mitchell came up with the idea for a recent enrolment day for the unit she helps to lead, the 6th Bo’Ness Brownies.

To ensure the finished poster was bright and cheerful, she provided the girls with ink stamp pads in an array of colours for the fingerprints and coloured felt tips for writing their names.

Jackie said: “We got the girls who had enrolled to add their prints and names first, then the rest of the unit, including Leaders.

“We use it each time we meet up and it’s a lovely way to remind everyone of how our Brownie group brings us all together.”

Download the pdf Jackie used if you’d like to give it a go.

Download the PDF