Young Leader Event 2021

Are you a young leader aged 14-18? You’re invited to come along to an exciting virtual event funded by Generation CashBack! 

12 March and 13 March Virtual event (via Zoom)

This is a great chance to meet other Young Leaders from across Scotland online who are working on their Young Leader Qualification

You’ll get to explore the Young Leader Qualification in more detail, sign off some sections and be able to return to your unit with a clear idea of what you need to do to finish it.  The aim is to help you develop your leadership skills, boost your confidence in volunteering, provide tools you can use with your unit, and to assist you in gaining a qualification that looks great on your CV!

This event will take place from 7.15pm – 9pm on Friday 12 March, and 9.45am – 4pm on Saturday 13 March 2021 via Zoom.

Who can take part?

If you’d like to sign up, you’ll need to be a Young Leader who is currently volunteering with a Rainbow, Brownie or Guide unit, and working on or just starting your Young Leader Qualification.

By attending the event, you will be signing off sections of the Young Leader Qualification, so it is aimed more at existing Young Leaders rather than being an event to see if being a Young Leader is something you would like to do. However, if you haven’t started as a Young Leader yet and are keen to do so, then you are welcome to attend.

How to sign up

As the event is funded by Generation CashBack, those attending need to meet certain postcode or diversionary criteria to be eligible to attend.  To find out if you are eligible, please ask your parent/guardian to email with your home postcode, Ranger unit name (if you’re part of one), and the name of the unit you are a Young Leader with.

Before you go…

We are hoping to open this event up to all Young Leaders from the end of February (although there will be limited spaces available), so if you are interested, please email Rachel with the information above.


Bookings close at 5pm on 4 March 2021