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Need some inspiration to find a meeting venue? Check out these unusual meeting places!


Guiding looks different in every unit, from the days they meet to where they meet. Our development workers Emily and Reann have come across so many great examples of venues that aren’t your typical school, church hall or community centre. If you are struggling to find a place to meet, perhaps because of cost, size or accessibility, check out these stories from Scottish unit leaders about the unusual places they meet and the reasons why.


Jan runs 1st Stewartry Rangers in Dumfries & Galloway at the local dentist surgery.

1st Stewartry Rangers are meeting at a local dentist surgery. We meet in their staff room. It’s very comfortable and does the job perfectly!
We were struggling to find an affordable venue – We were meeting alongside Guides, but this wasn’t working out as the breakout room was too small and our Ranger unit is growing in numbers. Tesco’s said we could use their staff room/training room for free, but it only fits 10 (not big enough for us).

I asked parents, friends and Rangers on our Facebook page and WhatsApp chat. One of the mums who is a dental practice manager offered the venue, and we said yes! The dental team are welcoming, we meet in the staff room (fits 18), parking is great, nice garden and in the heart of the town. No charge, as they say it’s a community initiative.

Kind of lucky I guess, but the moral is to ask others for suggestions and be open minded. Also, Girlguiding have a risk assessment and guidance for new meeting venues, which really helped us “seal the deal”.



Joyce is the leader for 1st Alva Guides in Tay and Ochils, who meet at the local canoe club’s site for half the year.

We meet at our local canoe club’s site from after the Easter holidays until the October break. (We return to our local church hall between late October and mid April at the end of the Easter holidays).

The site has a massive field for camping, and a huge, covered area which is open at the front and sides. There is a little kitchen, fire pits, loos and tables and chairs. We also have kayaking sessions run by the canoe club. It’s brilliant, and on cold nights we can light the wood burner in the covered area.

The site used to belong to our Scout district, and we went there from time to time for fire lighting and other activities. When the canoe club took it over, they were happy for us to continue. Fast forward a few years and following a lot of improvements and the half barn addition, we asked if we could meet there every week during the warmer months. That was about 3 years ago, we all love it!




You can find information on risk assessments and guidance for meeting venues below:

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