Take on the new Take 2 in 2022 challenge!

We’re excited to launch our brand new Take 2 in 2022 Chief Commissioner challenge pack this World Thinking Day on 22/2/22 (the perfect date to reveal a ‘2’ themed resource)


Our Chief Commissioner team co-created this pack with young members including Kirsty. Here she shares why you should take on this challenge with your unit…

I really enjoyed helping create the Take 2 in 2022 pack! It was developed with the Scottish Chief Commissioner’s team to help celebrate the team’s final year before a new team take over in the Autumn.

With the pack, we wanted to inspire members to get out and about in their community, feel empowered to affect change when it comes to issues they care about, and to also take some time to focus on themselves. It was designed to help units get back into some activities they love but maybe haven’t done in a while, or to encourage them to do new activities they’ve never tried before.

Each challenge involves the numbers 2 or 22, meaning it’s easy to get the whole unit involved by working together to complete the activities. The pack includes ideas for 22 challenges across three sections – Community, Environment and Personal Development – with varying difficulties depending on the level of challenge you’re after! The activities are also easy to adapt to suit your unit better.

Get started this World Thinking Day

The year’s World Thinking Day theme is Our World, Our Equal Future, focusing on gender equality and the impact of climate change. This links in with the ‘Environment’ section of the pack quite well. It’s a perfect opportunity to decide on what actions you’ll take to help protect the planet. For example, why not plant 2 or 22 flowers, vegetables, seeds or trees? Or try going 22 minutes or 2 hours without any electricity?

Tying Thinking Day in with Take 2 in 2022 activities could be a great way to introduce members to the pack, with a view to move on to the other sections at a later date. Although the pack is being launched today it can be done at your own pace, at anytime until the end of August 2022. We wanted the pack to be as inclusive and accessible as possible for all members, so creating your own challenges around the three themes and the numbers 2 or 22 is encouraged!

What are you waiting for?

Download the pack today and make sure you tell us how you plan to help save the environment with your unit! Don’t forget to post about it on social media and tag us @Girlguidingscot (on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook) using #Take2in2022.