Say hello to our new Development Officer!

Join us in welcoming Teresa, our new Development Officer – find out more about her and her exciting new role…


As part of the Regional, Innovation, Inclusion & Growth (RIIG) project (funded by Garfield Weston Foundation and Girlguiding), her aim is to reach girls and young women in under-represented communities in a bid to better understand how Girlguiding could respond to their needs and challenges. Find out more about her new role and what she’s got planned…

Q. What is the Regional, Innovation, Inclusion & Growth (RIIG) project?

The RIIG project is based in targeted areas of Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. The project focuses on supporting young people and their local community. I will be looking to build partnerships with community organisations, as well as individuals from underrepresented groups across Ayrshire, working with them to create novel ways of offering fun, empowering and adventurous girl-led opportunities. In short, we want to try out new ways of offering guiding so that more girls can access it!

Q. What made you apply for this Development Officer role?

I felt like this role had been designed just for me! I’m originally from Mexico City and I grew up attending all-girls summer camps in the US. At camp I was allowed to play, learn, make mistakes and grow – as a result, I owe so much of who I am today to this girl-only space. Before I joined Girlguiding Scotland, I’d worked as a social justice facilitator and a disability support worker, which really grew my passion for making spaces more inclusive. To be working on increasing inclusion within empowering girl-led spaces, like the ones Girlguiding creates, is a real dream for me!

Q. What have you been getting up to since you started?

As I’m new to the world of Girlguiding Scotland I’ve been spending a lot of time getting to grips with this fantastic organisation. However, I’ve still managed to get off to a good start with RIIG project work by building relationships with some of the local community groups and organisations. In the coming weeks I hope to start working more closely with units in Ayrshire as well, which I’m very excited about!

Q. What’s your favourite thing about your new role so far?

All the people I’ve met and gotten to work with so far! Being able to work with the Scotland team and the RIIG project team has been lovely – I feel so welcomed and supported which has made it easier to dive right into my tasks. The love for the work we do here at Girlguiding Scotland is so evident across staff and volunteer teams, and getting to experience that has been very special.

Q. What are you most excited about getting to do?

It’s a tie between forming strong partnerships with people who are so passionate about supporting young people, and the project’s focus on thinking out of the box to generate innovative ideas. I’m really eager to explore what’s possible when we harness the power of local communities and think expansively about the different ways in which we can include and empower young people!

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