Meet our brand new Growth lead volunteer Alison!

Find out why Alison applied for this exciting role and what she’s got planned for the future…


Q. Tell us a bit about your Girlguiding journey so far…

A. I’m currently a Rainbow unit leader with an amazing team of four other women in Renfrewshire. We started this unit over two years ago because there was such a demand for a Girlguiding presence for younger girls in the area.

I am also a member of the Girlguiding Council, and represent all Girlguiding Scotland members as a Girlguiding Scotland Trustee at our Executive Committee. And like Emma, the new lead volunteer for Guiding Delivery, I have been an international adviser because of my love for international adventures!

Q. What made you want to become a volunteer?

A. When I was a young member I was fortunate to have incredibly inspiring women lead my unit who provided great opportunities for myself and others. I was keen to continue this when I was old enough to lead a unit so I could give a new generation of girls and young women the same experiences and some of the fantastic opportunities that I was given.

Q. What does being part of Girlguiding Scotland mean to you?

A. I think it’s about being part of an enormous team striving to provide brilliant experiences and opportunities for girls and young women, in safe spaces.

Q. What’s your happiest memory as a volunteer?

A. This is a tricky one! I think it’s got to be the fantastic friendships I’ve made with other volunteers. They truly are some of the most inspirational and supportive women, and they’ve definitely helped me make incredible memories! Girlguiding is a great place to make friends for life.

Q. How have you found lockdown as a leader?

A. Our Rainbow unit has started meeting outdoors every two weeks at our county campsite and it’s been so much fun. It’s been brilliant that some people have been able to carry on during lockdown as we know this hasn’t been possible for everyone. I had a break from unit meetings during that time and then felt refreshed and ready to go!

Q. What made you decide to go for the Growth lead volunteer role?

A. Having heard a lots about membership growth and development from Sarah (the previous lead volunteer for Growth) through being a Girlguiding Scotland Trustee, I thought it would be a really interesting role to do!

I’ve got experience with creating a new unit and trying lots of flexible guiding approaches, which I thought would help me in the role. I love a challenge and am looking forward to taking this one on, especially during the unique circumstances we find ourselves in.

Q. What are you most excited about getting to do now you’re a lead volunteer?

A. I’m excited to get to meet more amazing Girlguiding Scotland members. There are lots of incredible growth activities and champions around the country and I hope we can share their successes loudly and proudly!

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