Important update for customers on their data

Dear customers,


We have an important retail update for online shop customers about your data (please note we’ve sent a direct email out to those affected)…

You may be aware that our online shop was offline last weekend and, that since it came back online, you have not been able to access your account on it.

Last night (Sunday 21 November) we were informed that there has been a security incident affecting Intelligent Retail, who own the system we use for our online shop. This incident has affected many of the organisations who use Intelligent Retail.

What happened?

Intelligent Retail identified a security compromise to one of the servers they use to host our online shop which had allowed a third party to gain access to the server.

How does this affect you?

As a customer, some of your information may have been accessed by a third party. If it was, the information was limited to the following:

  • Name
  • Billing Address
  • Delivery Address
  • Email
  • Telephone Number
  • Order Number
  • Order Value
  • Order Date
  • Product / Price Info

It is important to note that no financial information (like credit card details) were accessed.

What steps have we taken in response?

We have informed the Information Commissioner’s Office of this incident and are following our GDPR incident Procedures.

Our online shop is back online and is using new servers. Intelligent Retail have moved the servers to a different company to keep your information safe going forward. The online shop can be used by setting up a new account.

Intelligent Retail have reassured us that they are working with technical experts to ensure that this will not happen again.

We would like to apologise for this incident and reassure you that we are committed to keeping your information safe.

Please send any enquiries to

The Girlguiding Scotland Team