Holocaust Memorial Day

One of our Speak Out champions Anna is also a Holocaust Education Ambassador. To mark Holocaust Memorial Day, which takes place on 27 January ever year, Anna talks about the importance of educating young people about what happened so we never forget.


Speak Out allows me to have the voice the victims of the Holocaust were denied. This is what inspired me to become a Holocaust Educational Ambassador and use this platform to amplify the stories of those who were impacted.

This Holocaust Memorial Day marks the 78th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp where millions lost their lives. We use this day to remember those who suffered. Antisemitism continues to be a huge issue, and through learning about the Holocaust more people will be able to recognise when Jewish persecution and discrimination is happening. Remembrance allows us to reflect on the history so it doesn’t repeat itself.

I became involved with the Holocaust Educational Trust through school to learn more about the experiences of survivors and connect with the events on a personal level. My visit to the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp site gave me a new perspective on history and taught me the importance of learning from the past. Before I got involved, I struggled to grasp the extent of the Holocaust, so the experience allowed me to better understand the level of suffering that went on.

If you’re thinking of talking to your unit about the Holocaust having an open discussion is essential and will allow girls to find their connection to what happened. Sharing survivor stories is a good way to explain the atrocities. Once girls feel more connected to the events you could maybe encourage them to express how they feel about everything creatively, through writing poetry, a letter, painting or drawing a picture.

It’s so important that the younger generations continue to learn about the Holocaust and always remember it. Ultimately, this will lead us all to a more unified and much better future. There are plenty of helpful resources available to explore with your girls on the Holocaust Educational Trust’s website.