Helping out in your local community!


Along with her volunteer team, leader Susan has been helping run online meetings for the 2nd Peebles Rainbows, 3rd Peebles Guides and the 1st Peebles Rangers. It soon became clear that all the girls had one thing in common – their shared desire to help out in their community any way they could during these difficult times.

Together they started brainstorming different ways they could offer their support locally during lockdown and already they’ve achieved so much. If you and your girls are looking for inspiration then read on!

Our motto here in Peebles has always been to give and not receive and help others where possible. Even though we’re now in lockdown, this hasn’t changed. Here’s a taste of what we’ve been getting up to lately…’

Every little helps

Our amazing Rangers have made twiddle mitts for local hospital patients suffering from dementia. Twiddle mitts are knitted mittens or hand warmers decorated with things like beads and buttons, which can be fiddled with to help calm agitation and restlessness – both common symptoms of dementia. Being so productive has actually helped lift the spirits of our Rangers and they sewed these as part of their own self-care routines. Check out the pic above!

Get creative

It’s been great to see lots of units sending letters to vulnerable people in their neighbourhoods! This inspired our girls to get creative after seeing a social media appeal from the intensive care unit at our local hospital asking for pictures to cheer up the ward. We then emailed over a selection of Easter-themed drawings the girls had done to one of the nurses who then printed them off to display. It’s worth keeping your eyes peeled for similar call outs like this in your area!


Our Rainbows have been hard at work creating rainbow drawings to display proudly in their windows and help spread good vibes in their area. They’ve also created designs which include messages of thanks to the postman and delivery drivers!

Fundraising fun

The girls in my leadership team and I set up a Just Giving page to help raise funds for our local food bank (we’re very aware this is a tough time for everyone so it was just if people were able to contribute). With the help of our young members we were able to spread the word far and wide, smash our fundraising target and now we do a weekly shop for our local food bank. Our district commissioner Margot, who’s also a manager at Sainsburys, is the one who gathers the shopping an drops it off!

Get in touch

We want to know what you’ve been up to in your local area! Get in touch on Facebook or tag us on Twitter @Girlguidingscot and show us how you’ve been helping out in your community!