Edinburgh shop volunteering with Marie Cowie

Marie Cowie, one of our fab shop volunteers has joined us to chat about why she loves volunteering in the shop!


Tell me a little bit about yourself?

I’ve been a guide leader in Edinburgh since 1991. I take Rainbows in Livingston and I just love the little ones. I’ve been volunteering for Girlguiding now 34 years, very long time, but I just love being a volunteer here with Girlguiding.


How long have you been volunteering in our Edinburgh shop and how did you first get involved?

I’ve been volunteering in the shop now for a year. I came along on the 4 June last year to do my induction and I’ve been helping once a fortnight now for a for a year and it’s just been so much fun. I’ve learned so much and met so many different people.


Why is volunteering with Girlguiding Scotland in any capacity so important?

Part of the reason that I volunteered was so that I could make a difference. I help out in the shop as I have a background in retail, so it made life easy for everybody. The main reason I did it was because I got a chance to meet people as they came in to the shop. A lot of them have been my friends that I haven’t seen since camps or since before COVID. It’s just great fun.


What has been a highlight for you from volunteering in the shop?

I have lots of highlights, but one of the recent highlights is I have just I learnt how to do the postage on the parcels. I could now run my own post office, not sure grant or Susie would agree though. You learn lots of new skills, every day is a school day for all of us.

Another highlight is helping the parents get uniform for the girls. The girls are always so excited to be joining the units that it’s just such a joy. The parents love you helping them because you are an active member and a volunteer so you have the experience and knowledge to help them and it’s just wonderful.


Why should other members of Girlguiding Scotland get involved in volunteering in the shop?

I always believe if you’ve been given a lot you should give a lot back, even a little bit and so I volunteer once every two weeks. It’s not a huge commitment and it’s so easy to do. I get to come into Edinburgh, I’ll quite often tag on meeting friends for lunch. It’s fun, it’s not a chore at all and Susie and grant are so great to work with.


Huge thank you to Marie and all of our amazing shop volunteers! 


If you would like to start volunteering in the Edinburgh shop all you have to do is email