Are you aged 18-30? We’re looking for a new trustee!

Keen to take on a new challenge? Great news… We’re looking for new young trustee to join us! If you want to make a real difference and take the lead, trustee Eleanor shares why applying for this exciting role is an opportunity you don’t want to miss…


I’m Eleanor, a Guide and Ranger leader in Edinburgh, and I’ve been a Girlguiding Scotland trustee for three years. I was encouraged to apply for my 18-30 member position by one of the existing trustees who helped me see that, despite not having much governance experience, the skills I did have were transferable to the role.

I’m very glad that she encouraged me to apply as I thoroughly enjoy my role. One of the main things I like is getting a say in the future of the organisation, especially around topics like growth, increasing our diversity and inclusiveness, and our environmental impact.

It feels great to see the positive impact of decisions and work I’ve been a part of. For example, seeing units benefit from Girlguiding Scotland funding or seeing improvements that are resulting from revising our governance model – there’s nothing quite like it!

I’ve also enjoyed getting to know other volunteers from across the country and hearing about their experiences and, both most excitingly and most unexpectedly, I also got to attend a WAGGGS event in Lithuania.

Personally, and professionally, I’ve got so much from this role. I’m a lot more confident and the knowledge and skills I’ve gained have given me experience beyond what people at my early career stage would usually have. All of this helps me when I’m working towards getting a promotion at work.

If you’re wondering if this role is right for you or if you should apply, I would say just go for it. What makes our organisation and trustee board strong is having a range of perspectives and skills. You might be exactly what we need right now, even if you don’t know it!

Apply now

Get more information about this trustee role and apply now! Eleanor will be taking over our Instagram on Wednesday 1 February so don’t forget to tune in and ask her any questions you might have.