Guiding is for all girls

“The other girls in Brownies don’t see her as any different”

No matter what their individual circumstances, all girls can join in the fun and adventure of guiding. Parent Katie, shares her daughter’s story and why girls with additional needs shouldn’t be put off joining.

“My daughter Prunella has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and is mostly nonverbal so needs lots of help but that didn’t stop me wanting her to get involved with Girlguiding. When I was younger I was also a member of Girlguiding so I was keen for her to have the exact same opportunities I had.

She joined Rainbows when she was 5 and made lots of good friends – they’ve recently all moved up to Brownies together. As long as Prunella’s surrounded by her friends she’s happy and that’s why unit meetings are such a joy for her to attend. The other girls have grown up with her, accept her and always include her – they don’t see her as any different. This allows me to take a step back and let her be independent.

Prunella loves all the activities at Brownies, whether it’s simple games, badge work or camping trips. The highlight of her year so far was getting to go to Rise to the Challenge at Glamis Castle – everyone made such an effort to include her. Prunella’s unit hired a wheelchair accessible bus and there was even a changing tent!

My relationship with Prunella’s Leaders is fantastic – they keep me in the loop with everything and I’m there each week to help out. I would definitely encourage anyone who has a child with additional needs to join as Girlguiding Scotland is such an incredibly inclusive organisation. My advice would be to find out more about units near you and take it from there because we’ve never looked back.

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We believe in being fair, open and inclusive so if your daughter has additional needs and you have any questions about joining then please get in touch today and read our open to all policy here. There is also funding available for members with disabilities.