Girlguiding Scotland is here to help you bring guiding to life in your area.

From top tips to guidance forms and contacts, this is the place where you’ll find everything you need.

Scottish contacts

Find out more about how Girlguiding Scotland is structured or download a map of our Counties and Regions.

Funding and finances

Girlguiding Scotland is here to support Leaders and Commissioners to manage charity, property and financial matters.

Cashback for Communities Small Grants Scheme

Cashback for Communities is a Scottish Government initiative that uses funds recovered from criminal activity to provide activities for young people.

Guiding Manual

The online Guiding Manual is regularly updated and contains everything you need to know to make guiding happen, from our Promise to planning camps and activities.

Tools for Commissioners

There's useful information for Commissioners at any level - District, Division or County - in the online County Commissioners' Handbook.

Planning residential events, camps and sleepovers

Browse our activities to do with your unit page or follow us on Pinterest to get inspiration on themes, activities and more for holidays, sleepovers and camps.

Shops and retail

A full range of uniforms, badges, gifts and publications for Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, The Senior Section, Leaders and Commissioners are available here in Scotland for you, plus our own branded products.

Marketing and communications

Shout about it! Raising the profile of guiding in your County has many benefits, from helping people understand what we're all about to attracting new volunteers.

Growing guiding

Growing guiding is about increasing the number of girls who join and stick with guiding. It isn’t separate to normal guiding – all our members can play a role in helping us reach more people, keep our amazing volunteers and girls with us and deliver the best possible guiding experience.

Recruitment checks

Girlguiding and Girlguiding Scotland are committed to maintaining a safe space for all of our members and volunteers as a top priority.

Membership systems

There’s information on Go! and Join Us on the Girlguiding website. Girlguiding Scotland is here to provide guidance with our membership and joining systems and processes.