Forest Challenge

Created in partnership with Forestry Commission Scotland, the Forest Challenge is our exciting new badge to celebrate the importance and magic of trees and forests in our lives. It is for all sections, from Rainbows to Rangers.

How can my unit get involved?

The challenge can be done at regular unit meetings, ideally using a local park — anywhere there is a patch of trees! Although it can be done at any time of the year some of the activities will be easier when the trees have leaves on.

How does it work?

In the activity pack there’s a table of activities with four themes along the top: trees, life in the forest, forest products and caring for forests with a different number of activities to do depending on which section your unit are in. For example, Rainbows choose three Rainbow activities, Brownies choose four Brownie activities, Guides choose five Guide activities (from at least 3 different sections) and Rangers choose six Rangers activities (including 1 from each section).

Download your Forest Challenge Pack

What happens once we’ve taken part?

Your unit can receive our exclusive Forest Challenge Badge which is available to buy over on our online shop.