Feel inspired this International Women’s Day!

The theme for International Women’s Day this year is #BalanceforBetter focusing on the fight for gender equality. If you’re feeling inspired to do your bit then check out these top 3 ways you and your girls can help work towards a more equal future for the next generation of women.

1. One year of Citizen Girl

We’re celebrating one whole year of Citizen Girl, our campaign with the organisation Women 50:50, designed to encourage girls across Scotland to take more of an interest in the political process.

Did you know that our Girls in Scotland survey shows 62% of girls aged 7-25 say they want to be a leader in their chosen job by 45% thought this would be harder because they’re female? From creating an edible parliament to holding your own Citizen Girl summit, download the Citizen Girl activity pack and empower girls to become the next generation of powerful female leaders in politics and beyond.

2. Start an important conversation with Girls in Scotland

Our Girls in Scotland survey gives a fascinating insight into the areas where girls and young women feel they’re unfairly treated as a result of being female. Research shows that 77% of girls aged 7-25 say they’re treated differently because they’re a girl and 28% say this happens often or always.

Download the full report today and start an important conversation with your girls on everything from education to sexual harassment fears and let’s find new ways to help create a more gender-equal world for the next generation.

3. Help girls become the STEM stars of tomorrow

Research from our Girls in Scotland survey shows that 57% of girls and young women aged 12-25 don’t feel like they learned about the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths at school, college or university.

To encourage girls to show more of an interest in STEM subjects we’ve teamed up with Skills Development Scotland and Education Scotland to bring you the Digital Scotland challenge. It’s been designed to help girls from all sections make the most of the opportunities technology offers through teaching them about computers, algorithms, creativity and design as well as highlighting career options in the industry. Download the pack for free today.

Find out more about International Women’s Day

It’s time to take action for equality. Find out more about the #BalanceforBetter campaign theme this International Women’s Day and let’s work towards a more gender-balanced world together.