Establishing and maintaining systems for annual subscriptions

Girlguiding is a membership organisation. Our members – volunteers and girls – pay subscriptions, or subs, each year to cover the costs of local and UK guiding.


The subscription process is outlined on the Girlguiding website.


The policy is for any Girlguiding volunteer involved in the subscriptions process. This includes level main contacts and commissioners. It explains what the annual subscription is, how the amount is decided, and who pays it. It also sets out expectations for volunteers involved in the subscriptions process.


If you’re worried about paying subs and unit finances, there is support available on the Girlguiding website.


It is important to also understand the adult members policy on who can be a member of Girlguiding and the benefits and expectations of membership.


Girlguiding subscriptions process

Annual subscription policy

Support with paying subscriptions

Adult members policy


If you have any questions about subscriptions, please contact the Girlguiding subscriptions team on