Scottish contacts

About our structure and who to speak to

Girlguiding Scotland has six regions – Ayrshire & South West, Central, Grampian, Highlands & Islands, Lothian & Borders and Strathclyde.

Each region is divided into local areas known as counties, for example Perth & Kinross, Glasgow and Moray.

Each county has its own lead volunteer known as a county commissioner who runs guiding in the area, supported by Girlguiding Scotland and a team of local volunteers.

Some counties are formed of several divisions, for example Stirling and Elphinstone.

Counties or divisions are broken down into districts, for example Stenhouse and North Lorn.

Last but not least, each local guiding area is made up of units – groups of Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers – for example the 53rd Glasgow Guides and the 1st Dingwall Rainbows.

Download a map of our counties


Meet our trustees and staff team. If you’d like to raise something at trustee level speak to your district or division commissioner, if you have one, or your county commissioner. They can raise issues with your area’s regional representative on our Trustee Board, which meets four times a year.

If you’d like to make contact with a county commissioner or a Scottish adviser for a particular topic, for example outdoor activities or accessibility, then please get in touch.

Scottish advisers are specialists in a range of topics like becoming a trainer, outdoor activities, GO and Safe Space.

You can find out a little more about each team by downloading the information sheets. If you’d like get to contact an adviser, please get in touch.