Find out more about autism and how to help members who have it feel more included.

Autism is a developmental condition that impacts the way a person communicates and perceives the world. It’s a lifelong condition and for many people it’s an important aspect of who they are.

It’s a spectrum condition that affects different people in different ways. Even two autistic people can see, hear and experience things in different ways. There are lots of ways you can support autistic members and include autistic members and volunteers.

Young members can sometimes struggle to let you know about themselves or what they are thinking or feeling, these printable communication passports are a simple and fun way for members to let you know more about them. Another great resource is Girlguiding’s visual timetables – they include sections on feelings, meeting structures, programmes, and special events – they can be a big help in aiding communication.

Autism is often very underdiagnosed in women and girls. Scottish Autism offers a range of specific support for autistic girls and women, as well as parents, care givers and professionals.