Easter activities

Get your unit crafting this Easter and make some animal jars to be filled with delicious chocolatey treats! And once all the sweets are eaten, they make great storage jars too.

Tissue paper animal jars

Tissue paper animal jars are a great activity ahead of Easter. Start by covering your jars in a layer of tissue paper – white for a bunny and yellow for a chick.

While the jars are drying, prepare your decorations. To decorate the chick you’ll need two googly eyes and some card. Cut out two wings and a beak from yellow card. For the rabbit, you’ll need a pom pom for his tail, two googly eyes, pipe cleaners for the whiskers and card to cut out some ears. Once the jar is dry, attach your decorations using glue.

Your jars are now ready to be filled with treats to make a great Easter gift.

Organise an Easter egg hunt

Give your annual Easter egg hunt a twist with these fun printables to make signs and decorations. The signs and decorations will help you to set up a really pretty and appealing Easter egg hunt for the girls to enjoy.

The printables can be downloaded from In the Playroom include everything from animal shaped Easter hunt markers to arrows, and clues to use for your egg hunt.

Look at our Easter Pinterest board for more crafty, fun and tasty ideas for you to try with your unit this Easter.