Creative outdoor activities

We spotted some great outdoor activities over on the Nature Detectives blog – try some of the ideas for getting creative in the woods, from making a collage to shaking some maracas.

Woodlands provide inspiration for all sorts of creative and arty projects. Netherurd, Scottish guiding’s home from home, is set in a beautiful 30-acre estate in the Scottish Borders with lots of woodland to explore so you could try these activities on your next visit.

Give these a go:

Make a mobile

Find some straight sticks of similar lengths, cross them over at the centre and tie with string to make the frame. Then dangle a selection of woodland objects from the sticks using different lengths of string. Hang the mobile from a branch and watch it turn in the breeze.

Make some maracas

Fill a plastic bottle with objects such as small pieces of bark, pebbles or twigs to make a shaker.

Make a collage

Use natural materials to make a collage on the ground. It could be a picture, or a big pattern the birds can admire from the treetops.

Find more creative outdoor activities to do on their blog.

Activity sheets

Download Nature Detectives activity sheets to use whilst on a woodland walk, they are great for helping to identify trees, look for leaves or for detecting bugs! These sheets are great when exploring the woodlands and creatures that are at Netherurd, so print a copy for your next visit or get a copy at Netherurd.

Netherurd also has a butterfly trail throughout the forest so you can take an educational walk with your unit through the woods looking for butterflies. Once you’ve spotted them, tick it off on the activity sheet and keep exploring to find all 12 butterflies. Download the butterfly trail sheet or get a copy at Netherurd.