Netherurd Heritage Fund

In 2020 we made the difficult decision to close our much-loved outdoor activity centre, Netherurd. Following the sale of the estate, Girlguiding Scotland’s Trustee Board have established the Netherurd Heritage Fund.


Investing the proceeds of the sale

In 2022 a wide-ranging member consultation was carried out to see what members’ views and ideas were for the use of this fund. At the time there was no overall idea that stood out that would take significant expenditure so the trustees agreed to invest the funds for the time being, waiting until they are at their optimal level to ensure the widest range of options for how to spend the money in the future.

The trustees continue to work closely with our Operational Board members and our Business Management and Finance committee to explore ideas for how the money can be used for the benefit of members now and in the future. In the meantime, the interest earned from the investments is being spent through the Netherurd Heritage Fund.


Projects supported through the fund

The fund provides financial support for Girlguiding Scotland projects which support volunteers to develop their skills through training and help give girls access to adventure. The trustees keep all funds under review and will report each year on what the income from the investments has been used to support.

In 2023, the fund supported the Local Commissioner Conference which was held in Edinburgh in March 2023.


The spirit of Netherurd continues

Over the years staff and volunteers made Netherurd a place of adventure and provided ever-lasting memories for so many girls and young people and we are so grateful for this. The spirit of Netherurd continues through our work to ensure volunteers are supported and girls have access to exciting adventures.

Read more about how the spirit of Netherurd continues below.

The spirit of adventure

Despite the closing of Netherurd, girl experience and adventure is still very much at the heart of what we do!