Rainbows (age 5 – 7)

Rainbows learn by doing things.

They make a mess learning to cook or exploring science, enjoy sleepovers and use games, stories and songs to learn about the wider world.

The girls follow the Rainbow jigsaw programme under the themes:

  • Look: Rainbows use games, songs and creativity to open their eyes to the world around them and explore their own community and different cultures.
  • Learn: Rainbows learn everything they can through fun activities like crafts, making healthy recipes and visiting interesting places.
  • Laugh: Rainbows have loads of fun celebrating, making a mess and belting out songs. Slumber parties – sometimes in really unusual places like museums or aquariums – are always a hit too!
  • Love: Rainbows learn about working in a team, fairness and sharing, and being kind and helpful to other people.

When a girl nears the end of her time as a Rainbow, the section’s mascot Olivia helps her to learn about moving on to Brownies.

And because there’s a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, her unit will throw a special ‘Pot of Gold’ party to celebrate the next step in her guiding journey.

Rainbows have a bright and practical uniform – find out more by visiting our online shop.