Share what skills you’ve learned in guiding for World Youth Skills Day

World Youth Skills Day celebrated on 15 July 2016 aims to raise awareness of the importance of young people acquiring skills. We want to highlight the valuable skills that you gain through guiding, and how these can make your application stand out when applying for jobs.

Through the activities you do and the roles you take on in guiding, you’re building new skills and gaining valuable experience – even when you don’t realise it. It’s these skills including team work, communication and leadership that employers look for when interviewing and reading applications.

Experiences with Girlguiding make your CV stand out as you can highlight the specific range of skills you’ve developed in guiding roles. In interviews, candidates are often asked for specific examples of experiences – this can often seem daunting but we’ve shared a few examples of how your skills and abilities in guiding can answer those typical questions. Download our Guiding on your CV leaflet to read example responses to questions, see some of the skills that you’ll acquire in guiding and read some of the hints and tips.

Don’t underestimate all the skills you’ve acquired through guiding as they make a real positive contribution to your CV and can tell an employer a lot about you.

For World Youth Skills Day, share with us what skills you have learned in guiding by tweeting us or commenting on Facebook.

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