World Book Day: Feel inspired!

We’ve put together a list of fantastic books to help inspire girls and young women across the country. There’s something for every section to help you feel empowered.

Rainbows 5-7

The Princess in Black – Shannon Hale and Dean Hale

Princess Magnolia is no ordinary Princess, in fact, she’s a secret superhero! If there’s trouble nearby the Princess in Black will be there to save the day.

This action-packed story is the first in a series of books co-written by feminist writer Shannon Hale. The Princess in Black encourages young girls to embrace who they are in a world where you always feel like you have to fit in.

Brownies 7-10

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls – Elena Favilli & Francesca Cavallo

This book is a great way to introduce young girls to 100 historical and modern female role models who have done some amazing things in different fields like science, politics, the arts, history, sport and technology.

It may be written in the style of a story but all the accounts in the book are completely true so get ready for your Brownies to be truly inspired!

Guides 10-14

Opal Plumstead – Jacqueline Wilson

It’s the run-up to World War I and Opal’s family are having a difficult time. Even though she’s only 14-years-old she takes it upon herself to help and has to forget about going to school and go to work in a factory. While there she gets bullied but does make friends with the owner who introduces her to a group of Suffragettes.

You can follow Opal on her adventure, see how her life changes and learn more about a fascinating time of change for women.

Rangers 14-18

We Should All Be Feminists – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Before it was turned into a book We Should All Be Feminists started out life as a popular TEDx Talk and has now gone on to help influence a whole new generation.

Taking inspiration from her own experiences, Adichie explores what it means to be a woman today and discusses how it’s important to understand that being a feminist means acknowledging that sexism still exists. This makes it a really great read for girls and young women in Rangers.