Get in Gear for Women’s Sport Week 2016

It’s Women’s Sport Week and we’re encouraging all your young members to get out and get active.

To celebrate we spoke to Susie Wolff, former Formula One Racing Driver and founder of the Dare to be Different initiative and Girlguiding Scotland WOWwoman, about the power of role models to inspire the next generation of sportswomen.

Who were your role models when you first started out?

When I was racing as a youngster there weren’t many women in motorsports. But I’m someone who gets inspiration from a wide range of role models. They don’t have to be famous, they can just be women who inspire me. I look at them and ask – how did they become successful? What can I learn from them?

Where does your drive for success come from?

I think my drive for success comes from myself.

I’m very determined – when I set my sights to something I very rarely give up. That can sometimes be a negative but it also drives me to succeed.

How important do you think role models are to inspire girls and young women?

Role models are incredibly important. Sometimes in life you have to see it to believe it.That’s why through Dare to Be Different we’re working to celebrate the fantastic women in sport who are doing an incredible job but aren’t always recognised and we connect these women with the next generation.

We are incredibly lucky to have so many fantastic women in sport right now. The Olympics and Paralympics have just finished and I know I got inspired! Role models are everywhere we look – we just have to keep our eyes open.

What advice can you share with girls and young women today?

Find something you love doing. I’m lucky to do a job that I absolutely love!  It’s easier to achieve success and cope with the tough days when you’re doing something you enjoy.
And when it comes to finding inspiration – remember a role model doesn’t need to be someone famous or in a magazine. Learn from the great women around you.

Figure out where you want to go in life and what you want to achieve. If you can see someone else who has done it – that’s a great path for you to follow. Take advice and learn from their experience!

Feeling inspired?

There are loads of ways you can celebrate Women’s Sport Week with your units. Here are just a few options:

  • For Rainbows – why not try our Get Healthy Rainbow Roundabout which is packed with activities to help your girls get active.
  • For Brownies our Agility and Sports interest badges can help them discover their sporting talent.
  • And our Be a Good Sport, Fitness or Football Go-For-It! packs can help your Guides keep fit together.
  • Plus if you’re looking for some inspiring female role models to capture girls’ imaginations check out our WOWwoman toolkit here.