Guides (age 10-14)

*We’re about to launch our official new programme for Guides – you can find out everything you need to know here. The current programme can still be used until September 2019 but you can buy all the new programme resources here.*

Guides are go-getters!

They go on camps, holidays and trips, meet new friends and try out fun things like trampolining and climbing. Always laughing and encouraging each other along the way.

Guides grow in confidence and learn about working with others and taking responsibility by planning and carrying out their own activities.

These are the five zones Guide activities cover:

  • Healthy lifestyles: Boosting your physical, emotional and spiritual health.
  • Global awareness: Learning about world issues and how each Guide can help.
  • Skills and relationships: Building the confidence and life skills that give you the edge.
  • Celebrating diversity: Learning about rights and responsibilities for everyone.
  • Discovery: Challenging yourself with exciting new experiences and adventure.

Guide units work in groups of friends called Patrols and each Patrol has a leader who works with the unit leaders to make decisions. Guides can also get a taste of leadership by becoming a Rainbow or Brownie helper.

Patrols can choose from lots of different activities including themed resources called Go For Its!, interest badges and challenge badges. They can also set their sights high and aim for the Baden Powell Challenge award which is the highest award a Guide can achieve.

Guides can choose from a wide range of uniform items to wear designed by young women designers with input from Guides themselves – find out more by visiting our online shop.