We must listen to girls and work towards gender equality – Girlguiding Scotland

Girlguiding Scotland is calling on decision-makers to listen to girls and work towards a more equal society after a new report released yesterday (Wednesday 14 October 2015) by YCWA Scotland, The Status of Young Women in Scotland, revealed that young women are continuing to experience gender inequality.

Girlguiding Scotland’s Chief Executive, Denise Spence, said: “This report is a stark reminder that we still have some way to go until gender equality is achieved in Scotland.

“Last month Girlguiding research revealed that each week 81 per cent of girls aged 11 to 21 experience or see some form of sexism – but around the same proportion say adults don’t understand they pressure they are under.

“Girlguiding Scotland works hard to empower our 50,000 young members to speak out about the issues they face, build their confidence and create a better world – it’s time for everyone to take the issues they face seriously.”


Notes to editor:

1. Find out more about the Status of Young Women in Scotland report here: http://www.ywcascotland.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Status-of-Young-Women-In-Scotland.pdf
2. The latest Girlguiding Girls’ Attitudes Survey was released in September 2015 and showed that the pressures of gender stereotyping, sexism and harassment are taking a toll on girls’ mental wellbeing:
– 81 per cent of girls aged 11 to 21 say they have experienced or seen some form of everyday sexism on a weekly basis
– Two in five have read something in the media that trivialised violence or abuse towards women
– One in ten aged 17-21 has stayed in a relationship in which their partner has made them feel unsafe
– Half said that they don’t feel safe in parks on their own (51 per cent)
– Three quarters say anxiety about experiencing sexual harassment negatively affects their lives
– Fewer than one in ten girls aged seven to 10 would choose a career as an engineer (3 per cent), scientist (6 per cent) or lawyer (6 per cent)
– 82 per cent of girls and young women aged 11 to 21 say adults don’t recognise the pressures they are under
– BUT the report finds hopeful generation of young women keen to take positive action to seek change – with almost three quarters (73 per cent) taking part in at least one form of social action, such as community work or speaking out about an issue

Read our full press release on the 2015 Girls’ Attitudes Survey findings here: https://www.girlguidingscotland.org.uk/girlguiding-scotland-calls-for-action-as-research-reveals-pressures-on-girls-wellbeing/
3. Read about the 2014 Girls’ Attitudes Survey here: https://www.girlguidingscotland.org.uk/girlguiding-scotland-calls-for-action-after-new-findings-show-sexual-harassment-normal/
4. Girlguiding Scotland is Scotland’s leading charity for girls and young women, with 50,000 young members. We build girls’ confidence and raise their aspirations. We give them the chance to discover their full potential and encourage them to be a powerful force for good. We give them a space to have fun. Find out more at www.girlguidingscotland.org.uk.