Volunteers’ Week stories: Girlguiding is for everyone

Continuing our celebration of the diverse skills our workers bring to Girlguiding this Volunteers’ Week, we caught up with Guide and Senior Section Leader, Malaika (pictured in the centre). Here, she shares how working for a unit that supports girls with additional needs has improved the lives and boosted the confidence of their young members.


My favourite thing about Girlguiding Scotland is how it gives girls from all different walks of life the chance to develop themselves. We give our members the opportunity to experience all the same activities as everyone else, from crafts and camps to working towards different badges.

Being part of this unit has helped improve the girls’ social and verbal communication skills and some members have even done a bit of campaigning.

I’m registered deaf but this has never been a barrier to me as a Leader. Being part of this organisation has made me so much more confident, it’s allowed me to keep challenging myself and learn brilliant new skills including glass engraving and public speaking.

My advice to anyone out there that has additional needs and would still like to become a volunteer is to just go for it – it’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done! Girlguiding Scotland is such a fantastic and inclusive organisation to be part of because it’s open to all girls, no matter what their background or individual circumstances are.

I’ve recently been presented with my 10 years’ service as a volunteer award and would love for you all to get there, too!

Find out more about our inclusive, open to all policy here at Girlguiding Scotland:

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