Volunteers’ Week: Starting a new unit from scratch

Carrying on our Volunteers’ Week celebrations check out Adele’s inspiring story of bringing guiding to even more girls.

Through hard work and determination, Adele and her team were able to set up a new unit from scratch and bring Girlguiding to more girls around the country who weren’t able to join in the fun before. Here she shares her top tips for making it happen.

Girlguiding Scotland has been a part of my life for over 18 years and I became a volunteer because I was so proud to be part of such wonderful organisation! Being a leader is so rewarding because I get to give girls the same opportunities I was lucky enough to have, like having a platform to speak up and making friends from all over the world, not to mention all the adventures.

When I realised there were areas of the city with no units at all I knew we had to take action. Starting a new unit from scratch was a massive project but with the help of funding from CashBack for Communities Youth Work Fund combined with our commitment to making it work, we were all determined to see things through until the end.

Thanks to support and guidance from Girlguiding Scotland and locally in Glasgow we were able to organise a very successful campaign to reach new girls. The 303rd Glasgow Guide unit opened up earlier this year. It’s been an amazing experience to see all of our planning finally come to life now we’re up and running.

We’re having a great time getting to know the new girls by delivering fun and engaging sessions and watching them all become firm friends is heart-warming. If you’re feeling inspired to open a new unit then here are my top tips!

  1. Chat to your county commissioner first of all and discuss why you feel your area needs a unit and what your plan is for making it happen.
  2. If your new unit gets the green light then check out the starting a new unit grant. You could be get up to £500 to go towards the costs of getting set up during your first three months.
  3. Get to know the new location and surrounding area where you’re planning to start a new unit. Use local connections and groups to help you get off the ground.

Starting a new unit
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