Volunteers’ Week: Can you teach Rainbows about equality? Absolutely!

Next up in our Volunteers’ Week blog series is Hannah, 22, an assistant leader from Edinburgh. When Hannah isn’t busy studying to become a doctor and volunteering she’s part of Speak Out, Girlguiding Scotland’s youth voice group and she has travelled round the world to take part in social action projects.

Here Hannah shares why her passion to help others and empower girls inspired her to get involved with the Citizen Girl campaign.

Starting a whole new challenge with girls as young as Rainbows age can be daunting but I knew they’d have opinions to share and I wanted to hear them.
There are many ways volunteers can make an impact on girls’ lives, from giving them new experiences to introducing them to social action. But, educating girls about equal representation issues and women’s rights is important to me.

Start a conversation about equality

According to Girlguiding’s Girls’ Attitudes Survey around 75% of girls aged 11-21 think politicians don’t listen to them and 57% say that they don’t understand the issues facing them. 53% also think political parties should make sure half their politicians are women and in the Citizen Girl activity pack there’s a fun relay race game which looks at equal representation in politics.
The game is all about making laws and is deliberately designed to be unfair which then got the girls all fired up and passionate about things being equal. This was the game they enjoyed the most and knowing I’d helped the girls understand more about equal representation at such a young age was so rewarding – hopefully by the time they’re at voting age we’ll have 50/50 representation.

Find out more

Get more information about Volunteers’ Week here and find out how you can make an impact on girls and young women across Scotland by get involved with the new Citizen Girl campaign.