Volunteers’ Week 2019: Get the support you need!

Whether you’re already a volunteer, or looking to grow your volunteer team, our Scottish Roadshow events are a great way to get the support you need. 

You’ll network with trainers, get answers to all your burning questions and enjoy specialist training sessions on everything from A Safe Space to international adventures.

Assistant leader with 18th Kirkcaldy Brownies Rowena went to one of the first roadshow events of year. To mark Volunteers’ Week 2019 she shares why these events are not to be missed and the positive impact they’ve had on her volunteering journey.

The Scottish Roadshow gives volunteers like me the chance to look at all aspects of guiding. For example, the Living Library stalls meant you could approach friendly and helpful volunteers at leisure to find out about exciting opportunities available to girls like Camp Brave and Peer Education. Here are my main takeaways from the day.

Feeling flexible?

I’m always looking for new ways to tackle waiting lists in my area. I hadn’t really thought about flexible guiding until I went along to the roadshow but it got me thinking about organising a holiday guiding session in the future. Holiday taster sessions are a great way to help more girls join in the fun and adventure of guiding if they’re struggling to find a space at their local unit.

Help your girls travel the world

My volunteer friends and I were excited to discover that there are international opportunities available to girls as young as Brownie age (like Denmark Dash last year). This is something I’d never considered before but now I will be keeping my eyes peeled for future travel opportunities that I can present them to my girls.

Time to grow

I went to the recruitment specialist training session and picked up lots of tips on how to reach out to potential volunteers and how to hold a great recruitment event. This session proved invaluable as I’ve now taken on the role of lead volunteer for recruitment in Fife. I was able to chat to volunteers in a similar role which helped give me the confidence I needed to organise several recruitment events over the next few months.

Finding out about opportunities I wasn’t aware of previously has really helped me grow as a volunteer and give my girls an even better experience so overall I can’t recommend the roadshow experience enough. On a more personal note I’m a wheelchair user and everyone at the event went above and beyond to make sure I had access to everything on offer which really helped me relax on the day.

Don’t miss out

The Scottish Roadshow will be stopping off in Aberdeen next, then Glasgow and Prestwick followed by Edinburgh. Book now and don’t miss out.