Top 4 travel tips to help banish boredom!

Are you planning a fantastic camping trip or an amazing outdoor adventure with your unit this summer? Well banish that travel boredom and check out our 4 top tips to make travelling fun!

1. Get gaming

Bring out the board games, a pack of cards, travel bingo or stock a phone or ipad up with multiplayer games in advance. You can even make your own board games, find out more here.

2. Get to know each other better

Find a fun way to get to know each other better, this works really well if you’re travelling with others from outside your unit. Grab a beach ball, inflate it and write different questions such as, ‘What’s your funniest memory?’ on separate parts. Pop it in your bag and blow it up when you need it! Find out to make this over on Pinterest.

3. Make guiding bonds

Making friendship bracelets requires concentration and lots of patience – perfect for those long journeys. Stock up on lots of embroidery threads in a variety of colours and keep mess to a minimum by storing everything in an old pencil case. Find lots of designs here.

4. Weather watchers

Reached your destination but the weather is rubbish? Why not set up your own weather station and create a rain gauge to measure the rainfall? Download our #OutandAbout 2017 activity pack here and find out how to make one!


We’d love to hear your boredom banishers – tweet us your best ideas!