Together we can help stop bullying!

This Anti-Bullying Week we’re supporting respectme’s campaign which hopes to kick-start a national conversation about respect and what it means to people. Find out about what we’ve been doing to try and make a difference and get involved.

1. Ending sexual harassment in schools

We’ve been calling on politicians to help end sexual harassment and gender bullying in schools. Young members have been giving evidence as of the review of the National Anti-Bullying strategy. There are lots of ways our members can help make a difference to girls’ lives around the country – check out this list packed full of all the amazing opportunities there are to speak out on important issues.

2. Build your resilience

We all know bullying can be very stressful and seriously take its toll on your mental health. Our Think Resilient sessions are a great way to build resilience. If you’d like to invite a peer educator to run a session in your unit then fill in the online form or find out how to become a peer educator yourself here.

Our peer educators also deliver Free Being Me sessions which are all about building girls’ self-esteem – find out more here.

3. Support the Respect Me campaign!

Get involved with respectme’s campaign this Anti-Bullying Week from 13-17 November. Share what respect means to you on Twitter using #respectmeans, download their activity plans to use with your unit or watch their campaign video here and find out more.