Top tips for winter camping

Are you planning to take on a new challenge and go on a camping adventure this winter? Check out these top tips for staying cosy and making sure it’s a trip you’ll never forget!

1. Equipment checklist? Check!

Put together a list of all the equipment essentials you’ll need for your winter camping trip. From your sleeping bag to tent, make sure everything is fully functional before you set off. Find everything you need here.

2. Stay warm

Did you know that you can use carpet, rugs and extra duvets to insulate your tent? Event flattened cardboard boxes work well. Avoid any extra cold air getting into your tent and don’t take one with that’s too big.

3. It socks to be cold

Make sure you’ve got thick hiking socks to go to bed in to help keep your body temperature up throughout the night. Click-heat pads are another great way to get some extra heat. All you have to is pop a heat pad in a spare pair of socks around half an hour before bedtime and you’re on your way to toasty toes!

4. All the layers

Don’t wait to be cold before you layer up because the temperature drops in the evening. Thermals should be a staple in any camper’s kit list and it’s a good idea to wear them underneath all your layers.

5. Food for fuel

Keep warm from the inside by eating a nice warm meal to fuel you for the night!

6. Before you nod off

If you’re still feeling chilly before bedtime then drink something warm or do some star jumps. You’ll be warmer in minutes! Take a minute to check the clothes you’re wearing are dry before falling asleep, too.

7. Top sleeping bag tips

Even if you’ve got a thick sleeping bag, for extra heat, you should think about investing in a sleeping bag liner. It’s also worth checking what temperature your sleeping bag is recommended for, and checking this is appropriate for the weather forecast before you go.

8. Ditch the air bed

Although these can be seriously comfy, it means there’s going to be a lot of air between you and the ground so it’s actually not the best way to insulate. A good quality SIM (self-inflating mattress) will provide padding and insulation which will make a big difference to your warmth overnight.

9. And finally, remember to S.L.E.E.P!

Here are the main things you need to think about before you go:

• S = Surface: what surface are you going to sleep on?
• L = Layers: what will you wear inside your sleeping bag?
• E = Eat and drink: have you got enough fuel to keep warm?
• E = Extremities: are your feet and hands going to stay warm?
• P = Protection: how are you going to stay dry?