Tackling Tartan Touch

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39% of girls aged 11-21 say that rugby is only offered to boys  and over 50% of girls aged 7-21 say that gender stereotypes affect which sport and exercise they do. Our partnership with Scottish Rugby aims to challenge this.

Emma, a leader from 3rd Inverurie Guides was one of the first to attend one of our brand new training sessions to learn how to teach rugby to her girls. Here she shares why introducing her girls to this exciting new sport has made a big impact on her unit by encouraging them to step outside their comfort zone.

Why did you get involved?

I’m a massive rugby fan and when I heard about the new partnership with Scottish Rugby I jumped at the chance to get involved. I was never given the option to give rugby a go when I was younger so I was determined the girls in my unit wouldn’t miss out.

What were your girls’ reaction when you said you wanted to take part?

My unit all thought I was mad when I said I was off to learn how to play rugby. Now they’re really happy I decided to think outside the box and take on a new challenge which means they get to play Tartan Touch, – a fun, non-contact version of the game.

How easy was it to teach rugby?

We had a great time running our first session with the girls outdoors on a beautiful sunny day but you can play inside too. We’ve even made contact with the local rugby team to come and help us.

What’s next?

The leaders and I are now even planning to join a local rugby team! This will no doubt help us improve our skills to then make the experience for our girls even better. Maybe one day some of our girls will join the national women’s team and they’ll have Girlguiding Scotland to thank!

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