Looking forward to a Spectacular 2016!

2016 is set to be an exciting year as we’re starting The Senior Section Spectacular celebrations, to mark 100 years of the section. Scottish Chief Commissioner Sue Walker tells us what she is most looking forward to.

As a keen ultra-runner and walker, an even keener tea drinker, there is much for me to look forward to during the Scottish Senior Section Spectacular celebrations which kick off this year.

I will be taking a leaf out of the Proclaimers’ book and aiming to cover as many miles as possible – if not quite 500 – as part of Girlguiding Scotland’s Spectacular Scotland Challenge: Walk, Run, Fun!

I’ll also be trying to enlist girls from the Brownie unit I lead in Limekilns, Fife, to walk part of the Fife Coastal Path as our part of walking Scotland. Perhaps we could do the extreme tea drinking part of Girlguiding Scotland’s Tea party challenge badge pack at the same time!

There’s loads of fun stuff to do in the badge pack and I’m sure my Brownies will love it – trying out the Tim Tam Slam, drinking tea beneath the stars and making face packs out of green tea all sound like winners.

I normally try to do a marathon each year – so I’m keen to tick off the ‘running’ part of the Walk, Run, Fun! Challenge. The first challenge I’m facing, however, is finding a mountain marathon to do which doesn’t clash with Girlguiding meetings already in the calendar. I might target the Great Glen Ultra race which is the day before the SS16 tea party at Netherurd – in which case I’ll definitely be in need of a cuppa come the day!

I hope you and your Counties and Units will find lots to inspire you in the line-up for this Spectacular year. I look forward to hearing all about what you get up to and being a part of the celebrations with you.