Helpful hints to get more students volunteering!

Did you know that a survey of almost 200 Girlguiding Scotland members found that 99% of volunteers say giving their time to help out at their local unit has had a positive impact on their lives? Development Worker Amy has been working hard to raise our profile with students around Glasgow. Here she shares her top tips for getting more young people interested in volunteering in time for Student Volunteering from 19-25 February.

There are three universities and various colleges dotted around Glasgow which means the city has a thriving student population. I’ve been lucky to meet lots of different students on my journey so far and this is what I’ve found works when it comes to recruiting…

1. Getting started

Reach out to the volunteering departments or coordinators at local colleges or universities and let them know what you’re looking for. Most have a similar department so get in touch and make yourself know so you can start building a relationship. If you can’t find quite what you need on their website just call!

2. More than the feel good factor

Did you know some universities offer a system where volunteering is added to a student’s transcript? If you’re planning on reaching out to any further education establishments about recruiting volunteers check if this is an option for Girlguiding Scotland members.

3. Highlight the benefits

I asked Anna, an assistant leader with the 170th City of Glasgow Guides studying at the University of Glasgow, what she thinks the benefits of volunteering are so now I can share these with potential volunteers:

Being a Girlguiding Scotland volunteer is about so much more than just having something good to put on your CV. It gives you a break from studying and a chance to do something different and creative while developing your communication and leadership skills.

Even if you’re only able to help out once a month, units are always looking out for new helpers. When there’s a lot going on at university I just let the other leaders know I don’t have as much time to give – everyone’s very flexible, supportive and understanding.

Find out more

Amy’s role is funded by the Scottish Government’s CashBack for Communities project which aims to increase opportunities for young people living in targeted areas. Get more information here.