Student Volunteering: A juggling act!

Are you a student looking for a new challenge? Then why not join Scotland’s leading charity for girls and young women!

A survey of around 200 members found that almost half think being a Girlguiding Scotland volunteer has helped them get a job or work experience. We caught up with volunteer Laura who’s studying HND Jewellery Design at the City of Glasgow College to find out what her top tips are for juggling coursework with helping out at your local unit.

I became a Girlguiding Scotland volunteer to meet new people after moving to Glasgow. Little did I know all the opportunities that would open up to me, from working towards my Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award to completing my Queen’s Guide award. There are so many ways to help develop your leadership skills.

On top of volunteering and college I also have a part-time job so it took some time to get into the way of juggling everything. Once I got into a good rhythm everything soon fell into place and now I’m at my happiest when I’m volunteering. Here’s how you can make volunteering work for you too when you’re a student.

1. Lists are lifesavers

I’m always planning ahead by writing out to-do lists – I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without them. It’s such a great way to keep on top of all the things you need to get done and it’s really satisfying getting to tick jobs off as you go. I would even suggest colour coding everything – it makes everything extra clear and helps brighten up my day.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Girlguiding Scotland is like an extended family. If you ever have to miss a meeting because of exams there will be other volunteers ready and willing to help. Don’t be put off reaching out when life gets busy.

3. Find your flow

It’s really important to manage your expectations and be as clear as you can from the start about what you can and can’t do. It takes a while to get used to managing your time but my advice would be to stick with it. Once you get into a routine juggling all your responsibilities gets a lot easier. Don’t forget to schedule in some me-time so you can relax and unwind too.

Know Your Place

If you’re feeling inspired and want to become a Girlguiding Scotland volunteer, or know someone else who might, then find out more about our national recruitment campaign Know Your Place here.