Who says rugby’s just for boys?

This is Mollie – she’s in 1st Dalkeith Rainbows and just like the rest of her family she’s rugby mad! We caught up with her mother Susan to find out more.

Rugby is a big part of our family life – my husband coaches a primary school rugby team, my son Archie likes to play and Mollie started playing when she was just 4 years old! Being in Rainbows, Mollie uses lots of similar skills as in her Rugby team – the two work perfectly together.

Mollie is a part of a team called the P2 Dalkeith Minis and since getting involved has inspired her friends to take up the sport, as well as her 4 year old little sister. Mollie’s Mum Susan shares 3 reasons to introduce exciting sports to your unit.

  • Girlguiding’s Girls Attitude Survey showed that 31% of girls think that boys are better at sport than girls. That is why it is so important to encourage girls to get involved in new and different sports and more importantly take on new challenges.
  • Playing rugby is a great team building exercise just like Rainbows! In Mollie’s team they all support one another during training which has in turn built up a lot of trust between them.
  • Rugby is a tough sport to master. By learning how to play a sport and understanding all of the rules girls are mastering important skills like problem solving.

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