A Rainbow’s Guide to The Fringe

Jill Stevens, Leader in Training with 162nd City of Edinburgh Guides, shares some ideas for young members ahead of The Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

First up in a three part series is a guide to the Fringe aimed at our youngest section, Rainbows.

In guiding, we want to inspire girls to see themselves as the heroes of their own stories! With our Rainbows in mind, we’ve selected a handful of Edinburgh Fringe shows about brave little girls; individuality, snails, trolls and humans alike.

Molly Whuppie

This Scottish classic follows the adventures of young Molly Whuppie as she climbs mountains, meets ukulele-playing Giants and discovers that she is braver than she could have ever imagined. Molly Whuppie is celebrating 10 years of production and is the perfect tale for your Rainbows to learn about courage, believing in herself and the magic of exploration!

Aaaaaaagh! Dinosaurs!

A young troll must protect her town from dinosaurs in this interactive poetry show for kids. Award-winning Dommy B (CBeebies) uses the power of imagination and improvisation to bring this story to life. Goblin wizards and snotty dragons rally to the side of one tough girl in Aaaaaaagh! Dinosaurs! as she takes on her own fears to save her family and friends.

Freckleface Strawberry

Freckleface Strawberry hates her freckles and will do anything to get rid of them. In this high-energy musical we follow the story of a redheaded girl as she discovers the importance of individuality with the help of her friends. Based on the New York Times bestselling book by actress Julianne Moore, Freckleface Strawberry is a colourful tale of self-acceptance and embracing our differences.

Elephant of My Heart

Elephant of My Heart is a surreal, life-affirming and magical musical based on the true story of a girl recovering from brain surgery. The nine-year-old converses with elephants, snakes and other creatures on her journey towards healing and finding courage in the face of illness. A combination of puppets, dance and drama allows the audience to join the main character in her enchanting mind as she battles sickness.

The Snail and the Whale

With a shell on her back and wanderlust in her heart, Snail begins her trip around the world with the help of a humpback whale. But after many adventures, Whale becomes beached on land and Snail must use her smarts and determination to save her friend. The Snail and the Whale musical encourages us to see worth beyond size and never underestimate the strengths of the young and the small.

We’ll be sharing a Brownies Guide to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe next as part two of the series. We’d love to hear about your Fringe adventures and any recommendations, you can tweet us or post on Facebook.