New posters explore Senior Section uniform through the ages

A new series of eye-catching posters has been launched to help Girlguiding Scotland members and the public explore The Senior Section uniform through the ages.

The posters, provided to local guiding archivists and available to download, have been created by Girlguiding Scotland’s archives team to mark The Senior Section Spectacular centenary celebrations.

They feature photos of four current members from Girlguiding Glasgow’s 310th Guide Unit and West Division Senior Section Unit modelling uniforms from the section’s inception in 1916 through to the present day. Read all about Marie, Annie, Iona and Eilidh’s experience of bringing the uniforms to life in their blog about the poster photo shoot.

Counties are being encouraged to work with their local archivists to create displays in local libraries and public spaces, and groups to use the posters as a resource for exploring the section’s history.

Scottish archivist Christine McLaren, who researched the posters, said: “Girlguiding Scotland constantly adapts the way we do things to reflect the way girls’ lives are changing – and the uniform is no exception.

“From knitted jumpers and stylish berets through to designer jogging bottoms, the way The Senior Section uniform has evolved over the decades gives a fascinating insight into how guiding, and society, has changed.

“Our members and the public alike will love exploring the history of the section’s clothing and choosing their favourite outfit!”

The Scottish archives also have two complete sets of historic Ranger uniforms available to hire. To book, please contact the archives team at least two weeks in advance. The uniforms can collected for free, or posted out for a charge, from the Glasgow Guide shop.

And from interviewing former Rangers for a podcast to trying out recipes from old Senior Section magazines, there is also a spectacular archives pack to inspire you to explore other elements of the last 100 years of The Senior Section.

Check out all the other opportunities to celebrate The Senior Section Spectacular and find logos, guidance and more in our launch news story.