New Gaelic resource launched for Rainbows

A Gaelic version of the ‘Ready for Rainbows’ book has been launched by Girlguiding Scotland.


Ready for Rainbows’ is a resource available to all new Rainbows when they join a unit. The book explains things such as the Rainbow song, Rainbow uniform and Rainbow Promise to girls who are new to the group. It also contains activities to complete and games to play.

Some Rainbows in the North of Scotland – particularly in the Western Isles – only learn English when starting school, as Gaelic is their first language.

The new Gaelic translation – ‘Deiseil Airson Boghan-Froise’ – was brought about after several Gaelic-speaking girls joined a Rainbow unit in Skye.

There are almost 11,500 Rainbows in Scotland, from the Highlands and Islands through to the cities in the Central Belt.

The Rainbow programme, named the Rainbow Jigsaw, focuses on learning by doing, and allows girls to develop self-confidence, build friendships, learn new things and have fun with girls their own age. It is split into four parts – Look, Learn, Laugh and Love – to encourage a wide variety of activities.

The Gaelic translation is available as a free downloadable PDF.