Celebrating mother and daughter teams

Guiding is full of inspirational mother and daughters teams who share guiding experiences together whether it be standing in as helper so your daughter can have the fun of being a Brownie or running your own unit together.

Mother and daughter, Pippa and Heidi opened a Brownie and Rainbow unit in Sandhaven and tell us how great it is being in a team together.

Mother, Pippa says:

“I set up a Brownie and Rainbow unit with my daughter, Heidi, in our local village to give not only my younger daughter something to look forward to but to create a new opportunity for the girls in the village. Today, our unit is growing and we’re able to give the girls new opportunities from learning to bake cupcakes to planning their first camping trip.

“It’s great to volunteer with my daughter as it brings us closer together. We’ve got something else to talk about with each other and it’s a new kind of friendship as she’s no longer just my daughter, but friend and Leader. We’ve got so many experiences to look forward to together!”

Daughter, Heidi says:

“My mum and I are always so busy but I know I can look forward to Thursday’s as that’s when we’ll be able to spend some time together and have lots of fun at our Brownie and Rainbow unit meetings.”

On the benefits of volunteering with your mum, Heidi said:

“We know what each other is thinking before we’ve said anything – and we’re not scared to tell each other what isn’t working. We work really well together and in harmony to make sure that Thursday nights run smoothly and the girls get the best experience.

“I’ve learned so much from my mum, and with her caring and compassionate nature she’s fantastic to lead the Brownie and Rainbow units. There is no-one else that I would rather volunteer with”

Pippa, tells us their plans this Mothering Sunday.

“This Mother’s Day we’re going to be spending it together with our Rainbows and Brownies, holding an afternoon tea-party. The girls will be arranging all aspects of the tea party from sending invites to their mums, making cupcakes and serving cups of tea all as part of their hostess badge.“

Piipa and Heidi 3

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