Making Advent a time for Action

All over Scotland our young members have been finding creative ways to celebrate the holiday season and spread festive cheer throughout their communities. We found out how the 3rd Vale Guides turned advent into the perfect month for social action.

A group of guides have turned advent into the perfect month for social action


Leader Ruth Gallacher shares how her Guides have been making a difference every day with their Random Acts of Kindness advent calendar.

She said: “Since November we’ve been exploring the theme of ‘kindness’ as a unit – from sharing what we think it means to be kind to thinking up ways we can make a real difference and help people in our community.

The festive season seemed like the perfect time to put what we discussed and all our ideas into action. One of our parents came to speak to us about our local Foodshare – that collects foods and toys for struggling families. The girls were all inspired and went home to have a clear out and donate their clothes and toys to make sure other kids can have a good holiday too.

After our toy collection the girls were really motivated and wanted to keep the kindness theme going. That’s when we came up with the idea of our Random Acts of Kindness Calendar.

We thought-up all sorts of ways we could show kindness in our daily lives – like letting someone go in front of you in a queue, giving a Christmas present to a neighbour, cheering up a friend who is sad or making someone tea or coffee without them asking you to.

Once we’d come up with as many ideas as we could, each Guide chose 24 acts of kindness and stuck them on to our specially made advent calendars so we can all keep track of how we’re doing.

I’ve asked the girls to mark off each one as they go so when it gets to Christmas they can look back at all they ways they’ve shown kindness this month.

The girls really enjoyed making the calendars and have been excited to share what they’ve been up to each day. I think it’s good for them to see that even by doing just one small act of kindness they can make a real difference. I hope this project inspires them to keep looking for new ways to be kindness and take action, even after Christmas!”

Chloe, from 3rd Vale Guides says:

“For my 24 acts of kindness I’ve been doing all sorts of things- like picking up litter, donating my old clothes and toys and giving tasty food to charity.

I also decided to improve someone’s day by making them laugh and giving out compliments. Tomorrow I am going to call an old friend to say “Merry Christmas!”

“I have really enjoyed doing something different for my advent calendar and it’s made me realise that it isn’t hard to be nice!

“Hopefully it brightens someone’s day and it makes me feel like a better person too. Everyone should spread good feelings around.”