Our strategy for growing guiding

We’ve identified five main areas we can concentrate on to make Girlguiding stronger:

  • Identifying where and how we need to grow. We can use the information from our membership and joining system, GO, to make sure we focus our efforts on areas where there are no, or not enough, guiding opportunities for girls.
  • Attracting more amazing adult volunteers! So that we have enough volunteers to provide the best guiding experience to all girls who want to join us.
  • A warm welcome and great support. We want every volunteer who decides to give their time to Girlguiding Scotland to get a great welcome! And we want to place them in a role which matches their skills and give them loads of support.
  • Getting more girls and young women to join us. We want every girl who is interested in joining us to get the opportunity to become a part of Girlguiding Scotland.
  • Building the foundations for a great future. By supporting local guiding to deliver fantastic opportunities and celebrating successes so that we keep on growing and retain more amazing volunteers and girls.

It’s all about sharing your own passion for what you do, spreading the word about the fun and opportunities involved in guiding, and making sure that girls and volunteers who do join us feel valued and have a great experience!