Our strategy for growing guiding

Growing guiding in Scotland is a long-term project. Our strategy for membership growth isn’t about asking our volunteers to do more or make radical changes. Instead, it’s about working strategically, focusing on some key areas and making small changes. These small changes will add up, making a big difference to the lives of girls and young women across Scotland.

There are lots of ways to grow Girlguiding but in 2018 and 2019, we’re focusing on:

• Keeping girls in guiding for longer ( at least 3 years)
• Improving adult recruitment, welcome and induction

Why are we focusing on these areas?

Research shows that young people who spend 3 or more years in Girlguiding enjoy lifelong benefits including increased resilience and better mental health compared to their peers. We want to ensure that all girls in Girlguiding spend at least 3 years with us so that they’ll enjoy these benefits too.

If we are going to support more girls to stay in Girlguiding for longer, we also need to keep our adult volunteers for longer so that new adults create more capacity. Improving recruitment, welcome and induction of new volunteers will have a significant impact, benefiting not only new recruits but also those existing volunteers who support new adult members through our recruitment process. Girls will, of course, also benefit from there being more volunteers, especially if those taking on new roles arrive in units full of enthusiasm and energy and ready to get stuck into our programme.

So, in 2018 and 2019, we’re encouraging everyone to ask the following questions:

• What can I do to encourage more girls to stay in Girlguiding for longer?
• What can I do to improve the recruitment, welcome and induction of new adult members?

Everyone, at every level of Girlguiding contributes to these areas in some way and that’s why we’re asking everyone to think about the small changes they could make in these areas.

What help is available?

Our new Membership Growth & Development Volunteer Team will be working closely with the Membership Development staff team at Scottish Headquarters to increase the support available to units, districts, divisions and counties keen to grow guiding in their area. Whether you need help to come up with a growth plan, want to know how to use GO to track your membership or have specific challenges around adult recruitment or keeping adults and girls in guiding, we’re here to help. Get in touch.