Tips for shouting about guiding in new ways!

We’re launching our new guidelines that give you some top tips to shout about Girlguiding in new ways – with photos and videos!

How we write and speak about Girlguiding Scotland, and the impression we give through things like websites, videos and our pictures, says a lot about us. We try to make sure we’re showing the world the fun and adventure of Girlguiding and shouting about the difference guiding can make!

Photographs and videos are a great way to show people the fun of Girlguiding and taking good ones can make you stand out.

We’ve put together handy hints to help you make the most of your photographs and videos, download our video and photography guidelines.

Looking for some support or advice on photography or video?

The Marketing and Communications team at Girlguiding Scotland are happy to help with any questions you may have – please email or call 0131 226 4511.

Photo to use for communications