#iwillWeek 2019 – empowering partnerships help lead the way

It’s day 3 of #iwillWeek and we’re celebrating empowering partnerships that help encourage girls to become the leaders of tomorrow, and develop the skills and ideas needed to help change society. 

The Digital Scotland Challenge badge was designed in partnership with Skills Development Scotland and Education Scotland to show girls STEM subjects aren’t just for boys. Here unit helper Louise shares what happened when the 5th Mearns Brownies gave it a go!

Being part of Girlguiding means being passionate about helping to create a more equal future for girls and young women. In the quest for gender equality our girls decided they were keen to explore STEM subjects in more detail, an area dominated that’s dominated by men. And that’s why getting stuck into the Digital Scotland Challenge badge next was a no-brainer.

Feeling inspired? If you’re keen to empower your girls to build their skills and realise they can do whatever they want in life, regardless of their gender, then check out these top tips for getting stuck into this exciting challenge badge!

  1. Ask around

    Before starting we reached out to local digital companies, libraries and the East Renfrewshire Council to see if we could gather any helpful resources. We were able to get our hands on some virtual reality headsets to have fun with thanks to the council. If you don’t ask you don’t get so let people in the local area know what you’re getting up to. The headsets were by far the most exciting part of the whole experience.

  2. Bingo!

    To help the girls keep track of everything they’ve done in order to gain the badge we created our own digital bingo game for Brownies to play. From using different gadgets to utilising their own digital devices, they’d just cross off different tasks as soon as they’ve done them. This meant they could feel proud of their progress.

  3. Be prepared

    In the run up to taking on the challenge badge we invited inspiring local women from the STEM industry, including a veterinary nurse and children’s doctor, to come and speak to the girls about what they do. This helped spark their interest before we got started.

Through completing the Digital Scotland Challenge badge our Brownies now have the confidence to break down barriers when the times comes for them to start their career journey. Their hard work will have helped create a change today that will result in a more equal future tomorrow.

Get involved this #iwillWeek
Day 3 of the #iwillWeek 5 day challenge is all about celebrating great partnerships (like the Digital Scotland Challenge badge opportunity) that help empower girls to be the change they want to see in the world. Find out more and get involved today.