I’m looking forward to our summer adventures in Cologne!

Mirren McLeod, Guide Leader in Tweedvalley, blogs about her summer adventures as she leads an international trip around Europe for Girlguiding Scotland’s Catch us in Cologne and Join the Journey event.

My adventure started last year when I attended the Adult INTOPS event. I want to offer my Guide unit the opportunity to travel internationally, and getting involved with Adult INTOPS is a stepping stone to be able to do that. The event involved a series of team building exercises, a chance to meet other Leaders interested in international travel and finding out about exciting trips coming up. I was then given the opportunity to lead one of the groups for Join the Journey!

Join the Journey is a five day challenge across Europe heading to Cologne. Making your way by train, boat or being as adventurous as you want with your travel plans. The group that I’ll be leading is made up of ten Senior Section members who have had a huge involvement in planning their trip, from choosing where they want to choosing what countries they want to visit and how we are getting there, to stop for an ice cream to practising their group selfies.

The girls have come up with some fun things to do on our journey – including having an ice cream in each place that we visit and then rating them. So, we’ll know where the tastiest ice cream in Europe is by the end of our trip!

After travelling around Europe our final destination will be Cologne where we’ll be joining a wide game across the city with other Girlguiding Scotland members. We’ll be forming a team for Catch us in Cologne and we can’t wait for such a fantastic end to the trip. There’s still a chance to sign up for the event in Cologne, so I’d recommend getting involved.

I’m looking forward to showing the girls how easy and exciting it is to backpack around Europe. This is why I’d encourage other people to join the Catch us in Cologne and Join the Journey event too as it’s guaranteed to be lots of fun and provides an opportunity to meet new people and see amazing things along the way.

My adventure started with Adult INTOPS and I know that this is just the start of the international opportunities that I’m going to have with guiding. Girlguiding Scotland are planning some great trips for 2017 and are calling for Adult Leaders to attend the Adult INTOPS event this year. Take my advice and get involved – and I hope you have a great adventure like the one we’ve got planned this summer!

Interested in taking part in Join the Journey and Catch us in Cologne event? Find out more on our event page.