What happens at a Girlguiding vlog workshop?

When Senior Section member, Katie Rebecca Whitham was given the chance to go to a Vlogging Workshop in London, an event created in partnership with YouTube and the Evening Standard, she jumped at it! She shares why she really wanted to go and how the day went.

Katie Rebecca outside Girlguiding HQ


I’m currently studying Education at the University of Dundee and on the course we’re expected to keep a blog which I really enjoy. However, even though I watch YouTube videos a lot, I’d never thought about makings vlogs before until I saw the advert for the workshop and instantly thought, “What a fantastic idea!”

When I arrived in London to start the day I realised how much I love the hustle and bustle of the busy capital – it’s so different to Ullapool, the small village where I’m from.

We started by making our own 10 second, then 40 second and eventually one minute long vlogs all about us, our interests and something we felt passionate about. This was my favourite activity and Max, the trainer, was on hand to help with the editing process. It took me a while to get comfortable filming myself but I think if I keep at it I’ll get more confident.

I’ve been involved in Girlguiding since I was seven years old and although I’m in The Senior Section now, I’m also a Senior Section Adviser, a qualified Leader and a Peer Educator. Therefore I feel like I’ve got so much to share from all the amazing experiences I’ve had through the organisation.

Since the workshop, I’ve made a few personal vlogs and tried getting used to editing. What I’d ultimately like to do is create some vlogs to share how great Girlguiding is and for my university blog. I would also love to visit different units in my area and encourage them to use technology more, and help girls find their voice through the fun world of vlogging.

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