Girlguiding Scotland members set off on a European adventure!

Girlguiding Scotland members will be travelling around Europe as part of our two events, ‘Join the Journey’ and ‘Catch us in Cologne’, to celebrate The Senior Section Spectacular, marking 100 years of our oldest section for girls and young women.

During Join the Journey, teams will be travelling around Europe visiting as many countries as they can before making it to the final destination of Cologne, Germany. On route, the teams will be completing a series of challenges like trying ice creams in each country, taking fun selfies in unusual places and using as many modes of transport as they can.

Once all the teams have made it to Cologne, they will take part in a wide game to explore the city of Cologne. The wide game will see teams racing to popular locations in the city to earn as many points as they can.

We’ll be live tweeting and sharing blogs from Cologne, so look out for our tweets on Saturday 6 August!